Benefits of Internet marketing or online marketing

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Study showed that the advertising spent for online local business search reached $3 billion in 2008 (resouce: Kelsey) and the projection for 2010 is $13 billion (resource: Forbes). More and more businesses realized the unbeatable benefits of Internet marketing as below:

  1. Cost effective. For the same results, Internet marketing costs much less than traditional medias, such as newspapers, trade shows, tv commercials or yellow books.
  2. Wide coverage. Internet marketing is not limited by the geographic. You may be able to do business with anyone in the world.
  3. Instant effect. In a few seconds, people for any corner of the global can be connected through the Internet any time.
  4. Always open for business. E-stores can take orders even the Bricks and Mortars are closed at night.

Internet marketing vs. traditional marketing

Market Reach Available Methods Effectiveness
Local sales rep Driving distance Printing medias, face-to-face Limited by work hours
Personal referral 50 prospects Verbal Various
Store front 100 prospects per day Face-to-face Limited by store hours
Trade show 500-2000 prospects per day Face-to-face A few days
Internet marketing A successful web site could attract tens of thousands online shoppers every month. Web site, video, real time online chatting, email newsletter, social medias (facebook, twitters, linkedin, etc), online coupon, interactive text messaging. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day

Welcome to Winning Interactive Blog

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People ask us all the time for an opinion or recommendations on business web site design, SEO and even on more general internet marketing approaches, processes and tools we use. Our online marketing folks are always happy to spread the word when they’ve come across something that works. And now here’s the easiest way to share all these success recipes.

Today we rolled out our official web design and online marketing blog. The plan is to let you in on the know-hows, action steps and inside advice that will help your localĀ  business to grow by leveraging the power of Internet.