Better Business Bureau (BBB) Wants You To Build A Web Site For Your Small Business

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Few organizations have a more acute understanding of the needs of small businesses than the Better Business Bureau. BBB recently published an article asking “How badly does your business need a website?

BBB CEO Jim Hegarty has an answer. He says, “A website is practically a necessity for attracting new customers in today’s marketplace, but many small business owners haven’t made the time or found the resources to create one,” adding that “…a website might just be the key to surviving and even thriving in this tough economy.”

For small business operators on the fence about investing in a site, the BBB poses four critical questions:

Can potential customers find you online? If you can’t find your business among the top results, neither can potential customers,” according to the BBB.

Does your competition have a website?” It’s more than likely that your local and national competitors do have professional web sites. In fact, it may be beneficial for you to research your competition to see what kind of tools and features will provide your small business with an ideal competitive advantage.

How’s your online reputation?” Our affordable small business web design solution is the ultimate way for a business to control its online reputation. Even if your business has sustained a little negative feedback on the Web, the BBB points out that “you can mitigate the damage to your business’ reputation by countering with your own website.” Think about the site promotion and e-commerce features that will not only allow you to lessen the impact of negative online feedback but also help you address and resolve the issues that caused the feedback to begin with.

Could you expand your sales online?” This is where our web design and local small business promotion solution really shines. Not only can you use the e-commerce tools to sell physical products; you can sell virtual items like mp3 files and set up online appointment-booking capabilities directly from your web site. Whether you run a photography studio or owns a boutique, our small business web design solution will enable you to boost your profitability exponentially.

Consumers are feeling positive about making purchases, and they’re flocking to the web to do it. comScore’s latest research reports that online retail spending is up 10% this quarter over the same period last year! With a total nearing $34 billion, “smaller retailers are finally beginning to see positive growth once again,” according to the firm. Our web solution’s e-commerce features make it possible for any business to generate revenue on the Web, regardless of their industry or size. Call Winning Interactive – Boston Web Design today.

Is a simple website enough for small business Internet marketing?

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The answer is no. Experts agree that it’s not enough to have a simple website anymore. Businesses need to have a full, comprehensive digital presence if they want to stay competitive. That includes e-mail marketing campaigns, social media accounts and blogs in addition to a rich, professional website…and they need to be visible on search engines so they can connect with their Web audience. According to Forrester’s Brian Walker:

“…today’s sites are becoming highly dynamic and content-rich in order to meet customer expectations, and they abide by best practices including search engine optimization (SEO). Businesses are investing in this rich product content, in addition to Web merchandising content, to illuminate their brands and support consumers’ research and purchasing needs.”

For a small- or mid-sized business, cross-channel content generation and management can sound like an intimidating – not to mention costly – undertaking. But the Web solution we offer gives companies a one-stop shop for every channel of their online presence. It’s not just a website hosting service – that’s only the beginning.

Once small business owners start to use our website design and web hosting solution, they have unlimited access to a highly-trained Customer Care team whose members specialize in a specific area of online marketing and website management. From the moment small business owners begin building their site to promotion on the Internet’s most popular search engines to launching targeted e-mail campaigns, we are here to ensure the process is effortless and effective.

We are not just build websites. We have all-inclusive menu of features and services that make us a leader in the industry.

Forrester’s Brian Walker had some stats to back up his point in the quote above. The research firm asked online retailers what their technology investment priorities are for 2010, and here are some of the results:

E-Commerce Platform: 49%
Content management tools: 37%
Multi-channel integration: 24%

But these businesses don’t need to stretch their budgets to the limit. With one simple investment and a monthly hosting fee, our small business clients meet all three of their tech priorities for 2010.

Make the Most of E-Mail Marketing

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When small business partner with us, they’re getting much more than a web site. Along with versatile e-commerce and site customization tools, we’re providing a solution that comes with e-mail marketing features which envy those used by costly outside firms. When you are interested in these tools to promote your local small business, keep reading to learn some invaluable tips about e-mail marketing that highlight the many facets of our online marketing solution.

Balance Copy and Images

According to Alex Madison and Lisa Harmon at MediaPost’s Email Insider, the balance between e-mail text and images depends largely upon the nature of the business.

“While lots of lovely images and minimal copy can boost click-through and engagement for B2C (Business to Consumer) audiences, B2B (Business to Business) subscribers…respond to no-frills creative that prioritizes copy over imagery.”

Our small business clients appreciate how easy it is to use our email marketing solution to experiment with text and image content in their e-mail campaigns! They can edit and adapt their messages to suit the specific needs of their business and they can do it all without paying for additional services.

Find a Form that Fits

Similar to the previous tip, Madison and Harmon say that both B2B and B2C businesses should hold on to their successful e-mail layouts and use them as forms or templates for future use. Along with the obvious convenience, this is beneficial because it allows businesses to keep their messages “consistent and recognizable.” Again, this step is simple with the help of our small business web solution! Not only will businesses be able to modify and save their winning forms; they can create a look that’s tailored to their business, thus enhancing their business’ credibility and boosting their customer retention rates!


In the same vein as the tip above, e-mail marketing messages should be tailored to match the recipient’s needs, too. To that end, experts recommend gathering information right away – as soon as a site visitor opts in to the e-mail list – so that messages can be targeted to their preferences. With our email tool, It is very easy to create and send e-mails that are targeted to specific groups within their contact list. This process only takes minutes with our small business web design solution, and the rewards are extraordinary!

“Any time you make another step toward tailoring your e-mail to your readers’ interests, you’re going ! to come out ahead, no matter who your readers are,” according to Harmon and Madison.

Don’t Lose Track of the WIIFM Factor!

As any experienced salesperson will tell you, potential buyers have on question on their minds: “What’s in it for me?!” Successful sales hinge on anticipating that question and answering it effectively. Average small business is no different. That’s why once they understand the value of targeting and customizing their e-mails, they will be creating messages that are relevant to specific customers’ preferences and they should include exclusive discounts that reward e-mail readers for their continued loyalty.

At Winning Interactive Web Design, we help you make the most of our website solution all at once.

Tell Your Story With Videos On Your Business Website

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Our all-new video tools with rich media feature ensures that businesses in every industry can capitalize on the Internet’s hottest trend. Your success online and your customer satisfaction with our web solution is directly linked our success. We’re providing this quick rundown of online video fundamentals to share some import tips to generate even greater interest in your product or service from online visitors to your small business website.

First, as a small business website owner, you should determine what you hope to accomplish with the video. You can use videos in a few ways that will help you achieve the business objectives. In most cases, your aim is to increase earnings, you can usevideos to sell products. That being the case… the video should tell the product’s story! That’s what Invodo’s Joel Harvey told viewers in a recent Practical eCommerce Webinar. The product should be the primary focus. Do not let any other element of the video steal the show.

Also, you should create videos that set the right tone. Harvey says videos should be informal, but they shouldn’t compromise credibility or professionalism in doing so! Additionally, small business website owners should use videos to provide the same level of customer service that they would in a brick-and-mortar location. As such, Harvey suggests creating videos that predict and answer questions. If certain questions are commonly asked about a product, the video is the perfect vehicle to provide detailed answers.

Lastly, site owners should think carefully about video placement. According to Harvey, a simple page design will ensure better odds of the video’s success, and the video should be located near the top of the web page. Try to avoid cluttering your web page with other media if you’re posting a video, and you should place the video in a prominent place on your website.

Video features may be intimidating to tackle in the beginning, but the more you use, the more at ease you’ll feel using these indispensable tools that are completely included with our Boston web design solution.

Constituents of Effective Business Website Design

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Every online business has its own purpose and aim therefore it is obvious that its business website must also contain some key aspects accordingly. When we talk about business website, the very first thing which clicks our mind upon the success of any online business is the design of the business website.
According to an estimate, companies spend almost $20 billion per year on Internet advertising of websites. Where are these advertisements to be placed? The answer is business websites and social networking websites. This statement clearly demonstrates the importance of professional website design.
As now you are aware that website design is of great importance from business perspective. Before disclosing some of the major constituents of effective website designing in the upcoming passages, I would like to list down some flaws which are associated with website design, so that you can have some knowledge about the things which can cause troubles for you when it comes to effective website design.

Forcing people to go through numerous screens, too many technical terms, too much verbal information, slow loading front page, clueless banners, etc. are some major flaws which must be avoided at all costs or otherwise all your website design efforts will be wasted.

After discussing some of the flaws, let’s have a look at some of the major constituents of effective website designing. One way or the other, the essential parts of effective website design have direct influence on the prospect of your online business.
·    Your business website design must be easy to navigate.
·    Theme of your website design must be in accordance with the nature of your business.
·    Color combination of your website must match the image of the business.
·    Information posted on your website must be informative and easy to read.
·    Your website must load fast without too much large graphics or animated videos.
·    Your website design must be search engine friendly, so that search engine crawlers can index your website with related search keywords.

Last but not least, content is the key to success, not fancy graphics.

Things To Consider While Designing A Small Business Website’s Graphic

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Small business website design is something which is directly associated with the prospect of any online business. So, in order to ensure the success of your online business, your website must be designed in a complete natural and professional manner. It is advisable here that you must design your website from the masters of the field which are known as professional website designer. However, if you are the one having the opinion of designing the website on your own then you must remember a few things while designing your business website. So, just for your concern, in this piece of writing, I have decided to list down a few important things which you must always keep within your mind while designing your business website.

1. Physical Appearance or Layout: Physical appearance of the website is something which is considered as the core aspect of website designing. It is a common fact that people won’t stick to the thing which doesn’t attracts them, same is the case with website design as well. People won’t stay for long a particular website which is designed in an unprofessional manner. So, to begin your journey of designing an attractive yet appealing business website, you must make the physical appearance of your website as much professional as you possibly can.

2. Attractive one-liners: Post some good and catchy one-liners that can motivate the visitors of your website to transform themselves in your potential buyers. This marketing tactic usually works in a positive manner. Include slogans that will portray the essence of your website to your potential customers.

3. Headings and sub headings: Make use of heading and sub-headings. This aspect will ensure that you are providing your visitors with an overview of the information that your visitors would be getting from the complete posted content.

4. Spacing and shading: Avoid posting continuous or lengthy content/information on your business website. Website which loaded with information/content is considered as unprofessional. Use shading and spacing between the posted content to make the appearance of your website design professional.

5. Color scheme: Last but not the least important aspect of website designing is color scheming. Color scheming is an aspect which comes within the category of physical appearance. The color combination of your website design must exhibit your interest of offering quality services to your potential buyers. For effective color combination, consider using the combination of darker colors with lighter colors.

Internet Marketing For Small Business Is Not Just A Static Website…

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More and more small business owners start to understand why a web site is essential to the success of their business. But they may be overwhelmed by the other facets of a web presence – social media accounts, blogs and so on.

Our Boston web design solution provides one centralized location for businesses to control every aspect of their online operations. Our web solution’s benefits discussed below will help small business website owners to understand why we’re offering much, much more than just a web site.

Integrated Social Media: Expand your Reach.
“If your business doesn’t have an active Twitter account and Facebook page, then you’re already behind the competition,” writes marketing blogger Glen Stansberry, “They aid in customer support, and they give yet another element to your site.”

Business Insider’s Bianca Male agrees. “There are few better ways to put a face to your company, get free PR, and build relationships with your customers online all at once!”

But small business owners are busy enough without having to make time for visiting a jumble of sites to update their social networking accounts! Winning Interactive web design solution’s social media widgets are perfect for these small business owners.

Blogs: Show off your Authority.
We developed the Blogger integration tool so that small business owners could easily take advantage of a powerful online marketing channel. As Stansberry points out, blogs provide an opportunity for business owners to “showcase your expertise.” There’s no better way for a business to enhance their credibility.

But that’s not all that blogs can do. Small business website owners should know that updating their blog regularly will boost their site promotion success, too. “Blogs are an excellent way to add more volume to your site that search engines can consume,” Stansberry explains.

E-mail: Engage on a Personal Level.
E-mail marketing campaigns are the ideal way for small business to interact with their customers. No other promotional strategy can accomplish what e-mails can. With our small business web solution, business owners can develop and launch targeted e-mail campaigns designed to engage specific contacts on their list. Surveys show that personalized messages increase customer retention, and that’s one of the best ways for any business to improve its bottom line!

So, when a business owner is evaluating a small business web design solution, she/he should pay attention to the tools and features that make it more than a web site! The business owner willl establish even greater value from the web site and demonstrate to their existing or potential customers that why they completely outshine the competition.

The Elements of Engaging E-mail Marketing Campaigns

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More and more Internet marketers  are undoubtedly seeing the value of web solution’s e-mail marketing tools, but they may not know how to maximize the potential of these unique features. A successful web design firm can help you get started. We will be discussing some e-mail marketing tips in this article.

First, we have to emphasize that e-mail marketing is a proactive method of promotion, as Michael Thompson explains on DMNews: “With e-mail marketing, you can shift from a reactive posture to a proactive stance that lets you engage and control interactions with customers.” That significant distinction is a defining characteristic that sets e-mail apart from other advertising avenues.

Next, knowing your e-mail marketing goals is the critical to the success. You need to sit down and determine exactly what you hope to accomplish with your e-mail marketing messages. What action will they urge e-mail recipients to take? Thompson offers the following three guiding questions to help establish these “business rules”:

“What data do you need to execute that communication?”
“When and how often do you want to engage?”
“What constitutes over-contacting the customer?”

After you, the small business website owner, answer all these questions, you’ll be one step closer to implementing an outstanding, effective e-mail marketing campaign. At this point, it’s just a matter of understanding how to accurately target your customer base. This is where Boston web design’s solution of site statistics section really comes in handy. Web analytics is the collection, measurement, reporting and analysis of web based data in order to understand and optimize website usage. Business owners can quickly consult this section to determine how to create relevant, targeted messages for your contacts. Google also provides free site statistics tool called “Analytics” that you can add to your business website.

Shoppers are finally spending again, and they’re using the Web to do it. According to MasterCard’s SpendingPulse report, e-commerce in April grew 15.6% over April of 2009. This marks the 9th month in a row that e-commerce has seen double-digit growth.

As the report indicates, “eCommerce growth continues to outpace brick and mortar sales.” This is highly convincing evidence for you if you are still hesitating about Internet marketing. The economy is looking bright – but they’ve got to be online to make the most of it.