Websites/Internet Can Maximize Hispanic Marketing’s Potential

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According to AOL’s 2010 Hispanic Cyberstudy, that booming demographic relies heavily on the Internet for Web purchases – from product/service research to the actual transaction. Here’s a breakdown of the study’s findings during the purchase process:

* Nearly 90% of Hispanic respondents said they “start the learning process” about a purchase by checking the Web
* 76% said they check the Internet to “get advice on what to buy”
* Approximately 88% said they use the Web to find out where to buy a product or service
* 90% use the Web to compare prices.

Overall, the study found that “Hispanics are more enthusiastic about the benefits of the Internet than the General Market (non-Hispanics).” In fact, 72% said they have more confidence in online product ratings than they have in their friends’ opinions.

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Network Mareking Ideas For Small Businesss B2B

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One of the best ways to promote small business and expand your reach is by networking with fellow entrepreneurs. Keep reading to find out the secret to successful networking.

According to entrepreneurial expert Ivan Misner, the crucial elements of effective networking are “visibility, credibility and profitability” followed in a three-step process.

First and foremost, make sure you’re visible. In addition to approaching potential small- and medium-sized businesses in your clients’ industry, attend networking events in your area and connect with centers of influence in your own professional or social circles. Remember: nobody can invest in your solution or send referrals your way if they don’t know you exist.

Next, Misner urges readers to establish credibility. Make sure people know that they can trust in you and your solution. Maintain a professional manner when you interact with others, and demonstrate that you’re backed by a trusted team of industry experts. Misner also points out that it’s important to express your desire to work with networking associates and prospects. You want to help them, not sell to them.

When you effectively follow the first two steps (establishing visibility, then credibility), you’ll achieve the third: Profitability. It’s that easy.

Some of you may feel that you can’t follow this advice. If you’re introverted and don’t believe you’ve got what it takes to be a networking superstar, think again! Misner argues that both extroverts and introverts can be successful at networking. After all, extroverts may do a great job of opening up and talking to people, but introverts make excellent listeners, and that’s just as valuable when it comes to interacting with business associates.

So devote some time to communicating with others about their professional goals as well as your own. Start networking – gain some visibility, build your credibility and watch your profitability surge.

The Power Of Customer Reviews

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“Requesting Customer Reviews via E-mail” – This is one of Silverpop’s 7 New Email Marketing Tactics You Have to Use in 2010.

Consumers place tremendous importance on the opinions and feedback of their fellow shoppers. The experts at Silverpop suggest that businesses can build a database of user-generated reviews by e-mailing a request for a product review “one or two weeks after a purchase.” For optimal results, local small business and clients can add incentives like sneak peeks at new products in the e-mail message!

“Not only will you encourage these customers to generate even more content (for your small business website), you’ll also be creating an army of brand advocates to help spread your message far and wide,” according to Silverpop.

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