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SEO Case Study: How Did Local SEO Improve The Performance of A Local Small Busines Website

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Sichuan Gourmet is a famous and top-rated Chinese restaurant chain rooted in Boston, Massachusetts. Recently, the business owner contacted us and wanted us to:

1. re-design the restaurant website to promote their business expansion, and

2. improve search engine visibility of their website.

SEO Situation

After analyzing the data in Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools for the client’s website, we found out that more than 70% of the search engine traffic was from people who already know about the restaurant. Most of them are existing customers who use the business brand name “Sichuan Gourmet”  in the search terms (keywords) to find the address, hours, or menus.

In other words, less than 30% of the online visitors clicked on Sichuan Gourmet’s website when searching for general keywords, such as “chinese restaurant framingham ma” and “chineae restaurant in billerica”. The latter kind of traffic (those 30% visitors) is our targeted audience source of this SEO project, because they are the potential new customers for Sichuan Gourmet.

SEO Solution

In order to achieve Sichuan Gourmet’s goal of attracting more new customers from the Internet, we tailored a local SEO plan to promote the website in search engines for more general (broad) search keywords that have higher monthly search volumes. We did an in-depth keyword research and analysis, and uncovered the following keywords to target for the clients website. The total search volume adds up to 2,500 per month.

szechwan restaurant
chinese restaurant boston
boston seafood restaurant
szechuan cuisine
chinese restaurants boston
chinese restaurants in boston
boston chinese restaurant
chinese food restaurant boston

We helped the client to set up a Rankiac account (a third party application) in order to track the rankings in Google as we execute the local SEO plan. Rankiac checks Google rankings for top 64 positions (first 7 pages). Keywords past that position (#64) are rarely if ever clicked by online browsers.

SEO Results

Before the SEO was done for the client’s website, the website was not found in Google in the top 64 positions for all the targeted keywords. Click the image below to view the Goolge ranking report:


Day 1 (after the initial SEO was done)

The website is now ranked within 64 positions in Google for 5 targeted keywords. The keyword “chinese restaurant boston” even came in on the 2nd page (#16)!

The keyword “Chinese restaurant Massachusetts” jumped up 30 positions and now is on the 1st page in Google (top 10 listing).

Click the image below to view the Goolge ranking report:


Day 2

The rankings in Google fluctuate down a few positions for a few keywords. This is called “Google dance”. It happens when Google updates its results from more than 10,000 servers which cannot be proceeded at the same time on all those servers.


Day 3

4 keywords’ position jumped up in Google today and 3 of them now are on the 2nd page (top 20 listing). Click the image below to view the Goolge ranking report:


Day 12

The client’s website owns a few top 10 positions in Google for general keyword terms (without the brand name in it). Our next step is to promote the website for more general keyword terms, such as “Chinese food menu”, where the compitition is tougher – in return, the client’s website will see more targeted traffic from potencial customers who are searching for Chinese food/restaurants online.


Now owns many Page 1 (Top 10) listings in Google organic search results.

Ranked No 1 in Google Organic Listings #1 Natural Listing Local Search SEO Services 

For some of the keywords, the website owns double listings on Page 1.


Local Small Business SEO  Case Study

Google Natural (Organic) Ranking Position Update

Search Keywords Before After Improvement
chinese restaurant boston >#64 #6 57+
Chinese restaurant Massachusetts #36 #1 & 4 32
chinese restaurants boston >#64 #8 55+
boston chinese restaurant >#64 #6 58+
boston seafood restaurants >#64 #17 47+
Boston seafood restaurant >#64 #13 45+
szechuan cuisine >#64 #11 53+

Stay tuned. More updates are coming soon…

Updated on August 24, 2010

Please note that this is a single case study. We can not and will not guarantee each and every client will achieve the same (if not better) results shown above. Every website is a live document with its own personality and we have no control over how search engines index and rank it.

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What Sets Our Winning Interactive Web Design Solutions Apart?

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The market is packed with countless options for Web marketing services ranging in price, technology and specialties. With all those choices, you might wonder what sets our small business web design solution apart.  Here are a few benefits our clients enjoy after choosing our web design services:

* No hidden fees, no contracts and no extra charge for upgrades.
* It’s a one-stop shop for everything a business needs for comprehensive, professional digital marketing. From site designs to e-commerce to search engine optimization and social network integration…it’s all included.
* Many companies charge site owners for technical support, but our clients will enjoy free, unlimited access to a team of Customer Care experts.
* Those “bargain” Web companies frequently offset their hosting costs by displaying unauthorized ads on their clients’ sites. We offer a solution that grants businesses complete site ownership. It’s their online storefront.
* There’s no need to wait for costly Web designers to make site modifications…changes can be made in real time easily by the small business owners.

Our small business web design solutions are tailored for the speical needs of small businesses with limited time and resources to maximize their true potential online. We provide a user-friendly solution that allows any business – no matter how small – to create high-quality, customized, interactive Web presences like their competitors can, but at a fraction of the cost and without the hassle of a Webmaster.

Contact Winning Interactive – Boston Web Design and SEO today and schedule a FREE personal consultation.

More Business Opportunities On The Internet For Small Business

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According to a report earlier this year from eBillme and Javelin Strategy & Research, the average consumer plans to spend about $236 on the Web during the first quarter of 2010.

One contributing factor to that figure is Valentine’s Day shopping, according to the study. About 23% of US respondents said they’ll shop on the Web for a Valentine’s Day gift this year, and 9% said they’ll spend more online than they did a year ago.

The report also found that nearly 50% of online shoppers “don’t know what to purchase their loved one for Valentine’s Day,” and 57% are looking for something to purchase other than chocolate or flowers! eBillme’s Samer Forzley explains:

“It’s interesting to see that consumers are looking to more non-traditional gifts this year but are still in the dark about what they will be purchasing.” This means a great opportunity to market and capture these sales.

Talk to our small business web design specialist and find out how you business may cater to those shoppers who are searching for a unique Valentine’s Day present and be successful year after year.

Inherent Benefits And Opportunities That Engaging Small Business Websites Offer

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Winning Interactive – Boston Web Design & SEO solution is packed with all the latest features to establish an engaging online presence, but do you know about the inherent benefits and opportunities that engaging sites offer? If you want to learn about some of these small business website benefits, we’ve assembled a list inspired by Craig Sullivan at the UK’s Business Computing World.

“It is fair to say that the Internet offers businesses an unprecedented opportunity to increase revenue, expand customer reach, drive loyalty and improve margins,” writes Sullivan. He explains that an online presence enables businesses to…

Appeal to new global markets

“Offering an online sales channel can have an immediate impact on revenue,” Sullivan tells readers. With our Boston Web Design & SEO solution, not only can site owners attract local customers to their business; shoppers around the globe will find their site and make a purchase. When a business leverages the Internet, Sullivan writes, “Geographical barriers are removed, making business opportunities exponentially bigger.” You can use the site promotion tools available in our Boston Web Design & SEO solution to get the global reach that will increase you bottom line.

Reduce costs

Reducing cost is such an enormous benefit for cash-strapped small businesses. Our Boston Web Design & SEO solution is a low-cost advertising method that’s more effective than any of the traditional channels (like direct mail or phone books), and it will also help small- and mid-sized businesses in any industry streamline their customer service process.

Boost Sales

According to Sullivan, “E-commerce today involves much more than offering an online catalogue and a shopping cart.” He writes that today’s e-commerce features facilitate “targeted marketing campaigns,” “sophisticated merchandising techniques,” and the “collection and analysis of data to fuel the continuous improvement of such processes.” These needs are exactly what our small business E-commerce solution was designed to address. From its e-mail campaign tools to customer review and wishlist capabilities to its comprehensive site statistics section, Winning Interactive is offering a system that includes everything needed to accomplish the objectives described by Sullivan.

Gain a competitive edge

Sullivan offers this simple truth to businesses about using the Web: “Even if you’re not doing it, you can be sure your competitors are.” Regardless of you business’ industry, a professional online presence will level the playing field between your business and its larger competitors. If you are concerned about you competition, let our Web Design Product Specialists demonstrate how our Affordable Small Business Web Design solution gives you a viable advantage.

Websites/Internet Can Maximize Hispanic Marketing’s Potential

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According to AOL’s 2010 Hispanic Cyberstudy, that booming demographic relies heavily on the Internet for Web purchases – from product/service research to the actual transaction. Here’s a breakdown of the study’s findings during the purchase process:

* Nearly 90% of Hispanic respondents said they “start the learning process” about a purchase by checking the Web
* 76% said they check the Internet to “get advice on what to buy”
* Approximately 88% said they use the Web to find out where to buy a product or service
* 90% use the Web to compare prices.

Overall, the study found that “Hispanics are more enthusiastic about the benefits of the Internet than the General Market (non-Hispanics).” In fact, 72% said they have more confidence in online product ratings than they have in their friends’ opinions.

Contact Winning Interacitve – Boston Web Design & SEO today to discuss about improving your current website’s effectiveness or creating a new website that sells.

Network Mareking Ideas For Small Businesss B2B

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One of the best ways to promote small business and expand your reach is by networking with fellow entrepreneurs. Keep reading to find out the secret to successful networking.

According to entrepreneurial expert Ivan Misner, the crucial elements of effective networking are “visibility, credibility and profitability” followed in a three-step process.

First and foremost, make sure you’re visible. In addition to approaching potential small- and medium-sized businesses in your clients’ industry, attend networking events in your area and connect with centers of influence in your own professional or social circles. Remember: nobody can invest in your solution or send referrals your way if they don’t know you exist.

Next, Misner urges readers to establish credibility. Make sure people know that they can trust in you and your solution. Maintain a professional manner when you interact with others, and demonstrate that you’re backed by a trusted team of industry experts. Misner also points out that it’s important to express your desire to work with networking associates and prospects. You want to help them, not sell to them.

When you effectively follow the first two steps (establishing visibility, then credibility), you’ll achieve the third: Profitability. It’s that easy.

Some of you may feel that you can’t follow this advice. If you’re introverted and don’t believe you’ve got what it takes to be a networking superstar, think again! Misner argues that both extroverts and introverts can be successful at networking. After all, extroverts may do a great job of opening up and talking to people, but introverts make excellent listeners, and that’s just as valuable when it comes to interacting with business associates.

So devote some time to communicating with others about their professional goals as well as your own. Start networking – gain some visibility, build your credibility and watch your profitability surge.

The Power Of Customer Reviews

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“Requesting Customer Reviews via E-mail” – This is one of Silverpop’s 7 New Email Marketing Tactics You Have to Use in 2010.

Consumers place tremendous importance on the opinions and feedback of their fellow shoppers. The experts at Silverpop suggest that businesses can build a database of user-generated reviews by e-mailing a request for a product review “one or two weeks after a purchase.” For optimal results, local small business and clients can add incentives like sneak peeks at new products in the e-mail message!

“Not only will you encourage these customers to generate even more content (for your small business website), you’ll also be creating an army of brand advocates to help spread your message far and wide,” according to Silverpop.

Winning Interactive – Boston Web Design & SEO solution allows easy implementation of targeted e-mail marketing, so small- and medium-sized businesses can send personalized messages asking for customer reviews about specific products. It’s a great way for them to fully capitalize on the features included in our small business website solution.

Benefits Of Starting A Small Business Website

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There are myriad features in Winning Interactive – Boston Web Design & SEO solution that provide specific benefits to small- and medium-sized businesses. But there are also basic opportunities a Web presence offers any business, no matter what its industry or specialization. Here are five basic benefits of a small business website.

* “You’ll improve customer service.” Winning Interactive web design and SEO solution is packed with tools that streamline and enhance the customer service process. The possibilities are endless: our small business clients can add an FAQ page, embed videos with product demonstrations, and effortlessly interact with customers. Our solution puts it all at their fingertips.

* “You can reach new markets.” Whether you wants to reach a global audience or you’re focused on attracting local customers, Winning Interactive web design & SEO solution is integral. As small business expert Susan Ward writes, “People use the Internet like they used to use the phone book.” And since 97% of consumers in a BIA/Kelsey survey said they use online media to shop locally, there’s no excuse for local-oriented businesses to avoid maintaining an online storefront or an information booth online available 24/7.

* “There’s no better way to generate leads.” Regardless of your business’ industry, a web presence beats every other lead generation method. Ward explains, “For instance, getting people to write their email addresses on pieces of paper and handing them in at a physical storefront is hard. But getting people to type their email address into a box on a website is much, much easier – especially if they perceive that they’re getting something for it, such as special online coupons, a newsletter, a special report or an ebook.” Our web design solution offer different ways to integrate the contact management and lead generation process into the website. Site visitors can easily provide information that you can use to create high-quality, targeted e-mail campaigns in a matter of minutes.

* “The credibility of your business hinges on a web presence.” A web presence is you opportunity to make a positive impression and demonstrate your professionalism. It shows that you’re willing to invest in tools that improve your overall effectiveness as an organization.

* “Your competition is already online.” To stay competitive in today’s business climate, it’s vital to establish a presence on the Internet. You can rest assured that Winning Interactive – Boston Web Design and SEO solution is the best way to stand out. Everything – from site promotion tools to e-commerce capabilities – is included, giving you the ultimate competitive edge.

“The economic crisis had no effect on Internet growth”

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Despite a dismal global economy, the web was a smashing success last year. According to a new report by Internet World Stats, 2009 ended with a total web population of 1,802 million. Editor Enrique De Argaez writes that “The numbers prove what we said one year ago. The economic crisis had no effect on Internet growth. On the contrary, we see growth in all parts of the world during year 2009.”

In fact, North America experienced more than 14% growth online, validating what many researchers have asserted: the downturn has prompted consumers to turn to the web in droves. Now, online shopping is a part of their everyday shopping habits, and businesses without a professional Web presence are lagging.

If you run a brick-and-mortar business in town, now it is time to learn why a simple investment in small business web solution could revive the traditional business. Contact Boston Web Design & SEO today for a personal demo.

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