More Business Opportunities On The Internet For Small Business

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According to a report earlier this year from eBillme and Javelin Strategy & Research, the average consumer plans to spend about $236 on the Web during the first quarter of 2010.

One contributing factor to that figure is Valentine’s Day shopping, according to the study. About 23% of US respondents said they’ll shop on the Web for a Valentine’s Day gift this year, and 9% said they’ll spend more online than they did a year ago.

The report also found that nearly 50% of online shoppers “don’t know what to purchase their loved one for Valentine’s Day,” and 57% are looking for something to purchase other than chocolate or flowers! eBillme’s Samer Forzley explains:

“It’s interesting to see that consumers are looking to more non-traditional gifts this year but are still in the dark about what they will be purchasing.” This means a great opportunity to market and capture these sales.

Talk to our small business web design specialist and find out how you business may cater to those shoppers who are searching for a unique Valentine’s Day present and be successful year after year.

Inherent Benefits And Opportunities That Engaging Small Business Websites Offer

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Winning Interactive – Boston Web Design & SEO solution is packed with all the latest features to establish an engaging online presence, but do you know about the inherent benefits and opportunities that engaging sites offer? If you want to learn about some of these small business website benefits, we’ve assembled a list inspired by Craig Sullivan at the UK’s Business Computing World.

“It is fair to say that the Internet offers businesses an unprecedented opportunity to increase revenue, expand customer reach, drive loyalty and improve margins,” writes Sullivan. He explains that an online presence enables businesses to…

Appeal to new global markets

“Offering an online sales channel can have an immediate impact on revenue,” Sullivan tells readers. With our Boston Web Design & SEO solution, not only can site owners attract local customers to their business; shoppers around the globe will find their site and make a purchase. When a business leverages the Internet, Sullivan writes, “Geographical barriers are removed, making business opportunities exponentially bigger.” You can use the site promotion tools available in our Boston Web Design & SEO solution to get the global reach that will increase you bottom line.

Reduce costs

Reducing cost is such an enormous benefit for cash-strapped small businesses. Our Boston Web Design & SEO solution is a low-cost advertising method that’s more effective than any of the traditional channels (like direct mail or phone books), and it will also help small- and mid-sized businesses in any industry streamline their customer service process.

Boost Sales

According to Sullivan, “E-commerce today involves much more than offering an online catalogue and a shopping cart.” He writes that today’s e-commerce features facilitate “targeted marketing campaigns,” “sophisticated merchandising techniques,” and the “collection and analysis of data to fuel the continuous improvement of such processes.” These needs are exactly what our small business E-commerce solution was designed to address. From its e-mail campaign tools to customer review and wishlist capabilities to its comprehensive site statistics section, Winning Interactive is offering a system that includes everything needed to accomplish the objectives described by Sullivan.

Gain a competitive edge

Sullivan offers this simple truth to businesses about using the Web: “Even if you’re not doing it, you can be sure your competitors are.” Regardless of you business’ industry, a professional online presence will level the playing field between your business and its larger competitors. If you are concerned about you competition, let our Web Design Product Specialists demonstrate how our Affordable Small Business Web Design solution gives you a viable advantage.

Websites/Internet Can Maximize Hispanic Marketing’s Potential

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According to AOL’s 2010 Hispanic Cyberstudy, that booming demographic relies heavily on the Internet for Web purchases – from product/service research to the actual transaction. Here’s a breakdown of the study’s findings during the purchase process:

* Nearly 90% of Hispanic respondents said they “start the learning process” about a purchase by checking the Web
* 76% said they check the Internet to “get advice on what to buy”
* Approximately 88% said they use the Web to find out where to buy a product or service
* 90% use the Web to compare prices.

Overall, the study found that “Hispanics are more enthusiastic about the benefits of the Internet than the General Market (non-Hispanics).” In fact, 72% said they have more confidence in online product ratings than they have in their friends’ opinions.

Contact Winning Interacitve – Boston Web Design & SEO today to discuss about improving your current website’s effectiveness or creating a new website that sells.

Network Mareking Ideas For Small Businesss B2B

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One of the best ways to promote small business and expand your reach is by networking with fellow entrepreneurs. Keep reading to find out the secret to successful networking.

According to entrepreneurial expert Ivan Misner, the crucial elements of effective networking are “visibility, credibility and profitability” followed in a three-step process.

First and foremost, make sure you’re visible. In addition to approaching potential small- and medium-sized businesses in your clients’ industry, attend networking events in your area and connect with centers of influence in your own professional or social circles. Remember: nobody can invest in your solution or send referrals your way if they don’t know you exist.

Next, Misner urges readers to establish credibility. Make sure people know that they can trust in you and your solution. Maintain a professional manner when you interact with others, and demonstrate that you’re backed by a trusted team of industry experts. Misner also points out that it’s important to express your desire to work with networking associates and prospects. You want to help them, not sell to them.

When you effectively follow the first two steps (establishing visibility, then credibility), you’ll achieve the third: Profitability. It’s that easy.

Some of you may feel that you can’t follow this advice. If you’re introverted and don’t believe you’ve got what it takes to be a networking superstar, think again! Misner argues that both extroverts and introverts can be successful at networking. After all, extroverts may do a great job of opening up and talking to people, but introverts make excellent listeners, and that’s just as valuable when it comes to interacting with business associates.

So devote some time to communicating with others about their professional goals as well as your own. Start networking – gain some visibility, build your credibility and watch your profitability surge.

The Power Of Customer Reviews

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“Requesting Customer Reviews via E-mail” – This is one of Silverpop’s 7 New Email Marketing Tactics You Have to Use in 2010.

Consumers place tremendous importance on the opinions and feedback of their fellow shoppers. The experts at Silverpop suggest that businesses can build a database of user-generated reviews by e-mailing a request for a product review “one or two weeks after a purchase.” For optimal results, local small business and clients can add incentives like sneak peeks at new products in the e-mail message!

“Not only will you encourage these customers to generate even more content (for your small business website), you’ll also be creating an army of brand advocates to help spread your message far and wide,” according to Silverpop.

Winning Interactive – Boston Web Design & SEO solution allows easy implementation of targeted e-mail marketing, so small- and medium-sized businesses can send personalized messages asking for customer reviews about specific products. It’s a great way for them to fully capitalize on the features included in our small business website solution.

“The economic crisis had no effect on Internet growth”

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Despite a dismal global economy, the web was a smashing success last year. According to a new report by Internet World Stats, 2009 ended with a total web population of 1,802 million. Editor Enrique De Argaez writes that “The numbers prove what we said one year ago. The economic crisis had no effect on Internet growth. On the contrary, we see growth in all parts of the world during year 2009.”

In fact, North America experienced more than 14% growth online, validating what many researchers have asserted: the downturn has prompted consumers to turn to the web in droves. Now, online shopping is a part of their everyday shopping habits, and businesses without a professional Web presence are lagging.

If you run a brick-and-mortar business in town, now it is time to learn why a simple investment in small business web solution could revive the traditional business. Contact Boston Web Design & SEO today for a personal demo.

How To Get The Most Out Of Small Business Website

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This week, we’ve compiled a few ideas from’s monthly list of Great E-Commerce Ideas. Every month, industry insiders provide the site with a few clever ideas for online retailers to get the most out of their Web storefronts.

1. Run short-term incentives. Kate Holroyd suggests, “To drive short-term sales volumes, try these marketing techniques: Offer 24-hour deep discounts on selected products for one day only. Or, offer free shipping over a limited time period, such as ‘Place an order this weekend and get free shipping.’ Repeat at intervals to drive traffic to your small business site.” This is a great tip for small business website owners who aren’t sure how to update their site regularly for optimization purposes.

2. Use text in “chunks.” Marketing expert Mason Wiley tells, “Web pages that present a wall of solid text and information are intimidating to shoppers.” His solution? “Separate text into short, discrete paragraphs separated by white space, and use bullets when you can.” As you know, adding and modifying text is easy thanks to the drag-and-drop functionality of our small business website solution. Our small business website owners can experiment with text layouts to determine the most visually-appealing format.

3. Check your website stats. David Farache writes, “By tracking patterns during visitors’ shopping experiences, you can determine which pages should be most advertised, and which pages need adjustments.” Winning Interactive wed design solution makes it easy to track and measure local small business online marketing efforts. The comprehensive statistics section reveals everything they need to know about your business website traffic.

4. Add video. Videos are a great way to provide product or service demonstrations, showcase testimonials recorded by customers, provide virtual tours, and so much more. And, as Bobbi Leach points out, web videos are becoming incredibly popular among consumers. “This gives video the potential to make your ecommerce campaigns incredibly successful,” he writes. This tip pairs well with our next topic…

5. Add a human element. Mason Wiley tells readers to “consider adding a message from the CEO, a photo of your staff or offices, and mission statement. It’s proven to increase conversions.” There are countless features included in Winning Interactive – Boston Web Design solution that allow business owners to personalize their site and interact with their potential customers. It’s all just a matter of a little imagination.

Tips About Selling During Difficult Economic Times

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While the economy is showing tremendous improvement, consumers may object that economy is still sluggish. If you are running a local small business, you may feel discouraged. Oracle’s comprehensive e-book “Selling through a slump” is packed with industry-specific advice about successfully selling during difficult economic times. Expert Dave Stein offered several valuable tips about selling. Here’s a few of his suggestions:

-”Don’t sell technology, sell business improvement.” It’s not enough to merely mention a particular feature to your potential. You’ve got to describe the actual benefit that the feature provides. As Stein writes, “Your customers’ budget holders rarely care about the features of your technology. Right now they want to know one thing: what you can do to get them through this economic situation. Tell them.”

-”Understand that risk is a big concern to your customers.” Some of your potential customers are going to be understandably apprehensive about earning a return on investment with your products or services. That’s why you need to engage in a detailed conversation about their concerns. When you uncover and note those Hot Buttons, you is able to tailor the presentation accordingly and address their worries.

-”Execute better than your competition.” You need to know how your solution is better than any other competitions out there. Stein advises readers to “Plan and precisely execute every phone call, demo, presentation and reference visit so you are measurably better than your competition.” This is precisely why we offer a completely customized personal website demonstration. First-hand interaction provides the opportunity for our web design clients to understand why it’s the most comprehensive and user-friendly small business website solution on the market.

-”Tune up your competitive selling skills.” But it’s important for you to build substantial value in your solution so that your potential customers will want to spend time to learn about it.

-”If you have a truly unique product, demo early.” Stein’s right on the mark with this one. He writes that “grabbing the prospect’s mind-share early can pay off.”

Keep these tips in mind whenever you feel like you’re in a slump. They’ll boost your confidence and help you establish value in your business solution.

Goal Setting to Increase Small Business Success Rate

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You can increase your small business website success rate by setting proper goals. If you’re not sure whether your goals will be effective for your business web site, ask yourself these four questions.

1. “Are my goals measurable?” Have you established a way to evaluate your success? If you don’t determine some method of measuring your achievements, you won’t know which techniques are working for you and which ones need improvement. This leaves you guessing, according to business blogger Dr. Greg Chapman, and guesswork isn’t an effective method of operating your business” And while you are guessing, your competitors are improving through measuring their activities, and leaving you behind,” Chapman writes.

2. “Are my goals specific?” You should have a clear vision for what you hope to accomplish with your business web site. Dr. Chapman says that “Explicit objectives are the drivers of achievement.” Commit to a precise objective – whether it’s setting a certain number of appointments every week or earning a particular amount every month. That way, you’ll be able to build a plan around that specific target. As Chapman puts it, “Setting out clear goals for your business allows you to develop strategies to achieve your goals and to create plans which will ultimately drive your business to success.”

3. “Am I driven to succeed?” As an entrepreneur, you know that motivation is the key to prosperity. Check in with your personal ambition and evaluate how passionate you truly are about your business web site. “You are the closest person to your business, and if you are not passionate about it, why would your employees or customers be?” Chapman asks.

4. “Do I actively promote my web site?” Networking, asking for referrals, distributing promotional material with your web site url address… there are myriad ways that you can spread the word about your business web site. But you have to be proactive about it. “Business is generated through taking action,” according to Chapman. That says it all!

Small Business Website Promotion Features and Tools – More Than A Typical Web Site

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Nowadays lots of small business owners understand why a Web site is essential to the success of their business. But they may be overwhelmed by the other facets of a Web presence – social media accounts, blogs and so on.

Our affordable small business web design solution provides one centralized location for businesses to control every aspect of their online operations. We are going talk about our Web solution’s benefits and some key tips to help you understand why we’re offering much, much more than just a Web site.

Integrated Social Media: Expand your Reach.

“If your business doesn’t have an active Twitter account and Facebook page, then you’re already behind the competition,” writes marketing blogger Glen Stansberry, “They aid in customer support, and they give yet another element to your site.”

Business Insider’s Bianca Male agrees. “There are few better ways to put a face to your company, get free PR, and build relationships with your customers online all at once.”

But small business owners are busy enough without having to make time for visiting a jumble of sites to update their social networking accounts. Our Winning Interactive – Boston web designers solution’s social media widgets are perfect for this situation .

Blogs: Show off your Authority.

We developed the Blogger integration tool so that our valued partners could easily take advantage of a powerful online marketing channel. As Stansberry points out, blogs provide an opportunity for business owners to “showcase your expertise.” There’s no better way for a business to enhance their credibility.

But that’s not all that blogs can do. Small business should know that updating their blog regularly will boost their site promotion success, too. “Blogs are an excellent way to add more volume to your site that search engines can consume,” Stansberry explains.

E-mail: Engage on a Personal Level.

E-mail marketing campaigns are the ideal way for businesses to interact with their customers. No other promotional strategy can accomplish what e-mails can. With Winning Interactive web design solution, business owners can develop and launch targeted e-mail campaigns designed to engage specific contacts on their list. Surveys show that personalized messages increase customer retention, and that’s one of the best ways for any business to improve its bottom line.

Read more about our key website tools and  features, and partner with us today to enjoy the benefits and completely outshines your competition online and offline.

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