Inherent Benefits And Opportunities That Engaging Small Business Websites Offer

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Winning Interactive – Boston Web Design & SEO solution is packed with all the latest features to establish an engaging online presence, but do you know about the inherent benefits and opportunities that engaging sites offer? If you want to learn about some of these small business website benefits, we’ve assembled a list inspired by Craig Sullivan at the UK’s Business Computing World.

“It is fair to say that the Internet offers businesses an unprecedented opportunity to increase revenue, expand customer reach, drive loyalty and improve margins,” writes Sullivan. He explains that an online presence enables businesses to…

Appeal to new global markets

“Offering an online sales channel can have an immediate impact on revenue,” Sullivan tells readers. With our Boston Web Design & SEO solution, not only can site owners attract local customers to their business; shoppers around the globe will find their site and make a purchase. When a business leverages the Internet, Sullivan writes, “Geographical barriers are removed, making business opportunities exponentially bigger.” You can use the site promotion tools available in our Boston Web Design & SEO solution to get the global reach that will increase you bottom line.

Reduce costs

Reducing cost is such an enormous benefit for cash-strapped small businesses. Our Boston Web Design & SEO solution is a low-cost advertising method that’s more effective than any of the traditional channels (like direct mail or phone books), and it will also help small- and mid-sized businesses in any industry streamline their customer service process.

Boost Sales

According to Sullivan, “E-commerce today involves much more than offering an online catalogue and a shopping cart.” He writes that today’s e-commerce features facilitate “targeted marketing campaigns,” “sophisticated merchandising techniques,” and the “collection and analysis of data to fuel the continuous improvement of such processes.” These needs are exactly what our small business E-commerce solution was designed to address. From its e-mail campaign tools to customer review and wishlist capabilities to its comprehensive site statistics section, Winning Interactive is offering a system that includes everything needed to accomplish the objectives described by Sullivan.

Gain a competitive edge

Sullivan offers this simple truth to businesses about using the Web: “Even if you’re not doing it, you can be sure your competitors are.” Regardless of you business’ industry, a professional online presence will level the playing field between your business and its larger competitors. If you are concerned about you competition, let our Web Design Product Specialists demonstrate how our Affordable Small Business Web Design solution gives you a viable advantage.

Benefits Of Starting A Small Business Website

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There are myriad features in Winning Interactive – Boston Web Design & SEO solution that provide specific benefits to small- and medium-sized businesses. But there are also basic opportunities a Web presence offers any business, no matter what its industry or specialization. Here are five basic benefits of a small business website.

* “You’ll improve customer service.” Winning Interactive web design and SEO solution is packed with tools that streamline and enhance the customer service process. The possibilities are endless: our small business clients can add an FAQ page, embed videos with product demonstrations, and effortlessly interact with customers. Our solution puts it all at their fingertips.

* “You can reach new markets.” Whether you wants to reach a global audience or you’re focused on attracting local customers, Winning Interactive web design & SEO solution is integral. As small business expert Susan Ward writes, “People use the Internet like they used to use the phone book.” And since 97% of consumers in a BIA/Kelsey survey said they use online media to shop locally, there’s no excuse for local-oriented businesses to avoid maintaining an online storefront or an information booth online available 24/7.

* “There’s no better way to generate leads.” Regardless of your business’ industry, a web presence beats every other lead generation method. Ward explains, “For instance, getting people to write their email addresses on pieces of paper and handing them in at a physical storefront is hard. But getting people to type their email address into a box on a website is much, much easier – especially if they perceive that they’re getting something for it, such as special online coupons, a newsletter, a special report or an ebook.” Our web design solution offer different ways to integrate the contact management and lead generation process into the website. Site visitors can easily provide information that you can use to create high-quality, targeted e-mail campaigns in a matter of minutes.

* “The credibility of your business hinges on a web presence.” A web presence is you opportunity to make a positive impression and demonstrate your professionalism. It shows that you’re willing to invest in tools that improve your overall effectiveness as an organization.

* “Your competition is already online.” To stay competitive in today’s business climate, it’s vital to establish a presence on the Internet. You can rest assured that Winning Interactive – Boston Web Design and SEO solution is the best way to stand out. Everything – from site promotion tools to e-commerce capabilities – is included, giving you the ultimate competitive edge.

“The economic crisis had no effect on Internet growth”

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Despite a dismal global economy, the web was a smashing success last year. According to a new report by Internet World Stats, 2009 ended with a total web population of 1,802 million. Editor Enrique De Argaez writes that “The numbers prove what we said one year ago. The economic crisis had no effect on Internet growth. On the contrary, we see growth in all parts of the world during year 2009.”

In fact, North America experienced more than 14% growth online, validating what many researchers have asserted: the downturn has prompted consumers to turn to the web in droves. Now, online shopping is a part of their everyday shopping habits, and businesses without a professional Web presence are lagging.

If you run a brick-and-mortar business in town, now it is time to learn why a simple investment in small business web solution could revive the traditional business. Contact Boston Web Design & SEO today for a personal demo.

Small Business Owners Can Easily Update Your Own Website Now

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One universally essential attribute for a business website – regardless of its industry – is high-quality, engaging content. Search engines love fresh content. Your existing and potential customers prefer updated business websites, too.  At Winning Interactive – Boston Web Design, our clients can easily control and modify content whenever and wherever they want. Paying (and waiting for) a webmaster to accomplish the same task has been the history.

Rich Brooks at Flyte New Media stresses that a business’ web content needs to be important and relevant to its target audience. “Your content must address your customers’ pain points,” he writes. If you aren’t sure what kind of material is appropriate or effective for their site, just read how Brooks puts it, “This might go without saying, but your content will always be most effective when it syncs with your business goals.”

Not only will fresh, quality content keep site visitors engaged; it will draw the attention of search engine crawlers “The first thing you need to know about small business websites is that people and search engines need to see quality content,” explains blogger Meredith Earhart, cautioning, “If your site is stale, the search engines won’t like it much.”

If your  small business website hasn’t been updated in months (or even years) because you haven’t had time, aren’t tech-savvy, or you’re just waiting for a webmaster to handle it, it’s time for you to look into a solution that makes adding and editing content absolutely effortless. You need Content Management System (CMS) which is included in our affordable small business web design package.

New Essential “Musts” For Every Small Business Website

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President and CEO of Dotster Inc. Clint Page has a list of essential “musts” for every business to integrate into its website. Take a look at these strategies and discuss with your web designers how to accomplish each one.

Send personalized e-mail. “Every business today needs e-mail,” Page tells readers. With the comprehensive e-mail campaign tools available in Winning Interactive Web solution, it’s easy for businesses to quickly send targeted e-mails to their customers. Page says this is a more credible method than sending e-mails from a free e-mail service site. He writes, “…you can easily increase your perceived professionalism by using a custom e-mail address at your own domain” .

“Design your site.” You’ve undoubtedly come across small business Web sites that were assembled without attention to layout or navigation. As a Business owner, you are busy and don’t have time to create an entire layout from scratch, and you may not have time to learn complicated programming languages. Luckily, our web design solution allows small businesses to choose from myriad layouts and fully customize your web site’s look and feel. And we even have a team of experienced Web designers on hand for clients who would prefer to have your site built for you. Either way, you will be delighted to see how effortless it is to establish a Web site that’s visually appealing and easy to navigate.

“Optimize your site for search engines.” This is a formidable task for any business that’s building an online presence from the ground up, but it’s a vital part of the process. Page explains, “Search engine optimization ensures that search engines correctly index your website, so that potential customers searching for your type of services can find you easily…By optimizing your website for search engines, your site can appear higher in the organic listings, which will ultimately mean more traffic to your site.” Our small business website design solution includes valuable site promotion tools so that you can control your own optimization. And because it’s so easy to update and add content regularly, you will optimize your website even faster than you thought possible.

“Look for a Web hosting company that is focused on customer service.” According to Grant, “The company you choose should be able to help you build your web presence in the beginning and provide the technical support you need to maintain it.” That’s a perfect way to describe our Tech Support team. The specialized team that will guide you through every step of the site building and maintenance process.

The latest results from The E-Tailing Group’s annual merchant survey found that 59% of respondents plan to invest more in e-commerce in 2010 than they did last year. According to the research firm, “Merchants must now step up to the plate given the anticipated growth of e-commerce, coupled with retail economic forecasts. Keeping ROI top-of-mind, merchandising and marketing that embraces existing customers while simultaneously wooing prospects will be a pre-requisite for success.” More stats from their survey are listed below:

 92% said they anticipate 2010 Internet revenue to increase over last year’s online revenue.

52% will invest in personalization/customization. Think about features like wishlist capabilities available through your solution.

58% plan on social networking strategies. The social media widgets in our web design solution allow you to integrate your business website with your presence on social networks.

79% will be planning more targeted e-mail.

48% will adopt video strategies. Businesses can easily embed videos in their site to capitalize on this rapidly-emerging trend.

All the market research stats agree with the website marketing expert Clint Page’s essential list for small business websites. Check your current business website again the list above and work out a plan to improve its marketing effective today.

Is a simple website enough for small business Internet marketing?

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The answer is no. Experts agree that it’s not enough to have a simple website anymore. Businesses need to have a full, comprehensive digital presence if they want to stay competitive. That includes e-mail marketing campaigns, social media accounts and blogs in addition to a rich, professional website…and they need to be visible on search engines so they can connect with their Web audience. According to Forrester’s Brian Walker:

“…today’s sites are becoming highly dynamic and content-rich in order to meet customer expectations, and they abide by best practices including search engine optimization (SEO). Businesses are investing in this rich product content, in addition to Web merchandising content, to illuminate their brands and support consumers’ research and purchasing needs.”

For a small- or mid-sized business, cross-channel content generation and management can sound like an intimidating – not to mention costly – undertaking. But the Web solution we offer gives companies a one-stop shop for every channel of their online presence. It’s not just a website hosting service – that’s only the beginning.

Once small business owners start to use our website design and web hosting solution, they have unlimited access to a highly-trained Customer Care team whose members specialize in a specific area of online marketing and website management. From the moment small business owners begin building their site to promotion on the Internet’s most popular search engines to launching targeted e-mail campaigns, we are here to ensure the process is effortless and effective.

We are not just build websites. We have all-inclusive menu of features and services that make us a leader in the industry.

Forrester’s Brian Walker had some stats to back up his point in the quote above. The research firm asked online retailers what their technology investment priorities are for 2010, and here are some of the results:

E-Commerce Platform: 49%
Content management tools: 37%
Multi-channel integration: 24%

But these businesses don’t need to stretch their budgets to the limit. With one simple investment and a monthly hosting fee, our small business clients meet all three of their tech priorities for 2010.

Small Business Website Complications: What Could Go Wrong?

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New small business websites can easily be swamped with problems just because owners are not familiar with several vital factors that should have been considered in the creation of a website. If you do not wisely choose the web design company that will work on your website below are the possible scenarios that can give you a headache.


Someone who has specific computer expertise can to steal data if your website is not hosted by a secured server. It is the file host company’s responsibility to provide a secured data center facility and preferably dual-layered firewall security system. Security is vital for any small businesses website who would like to protect the integrity of its data. This is extremely important for E-Commerce website design and hosting.


Proper web loading speed and maintenance is the job of the file hosting company.  Problems related to website properly functioning are inevitable but you should have technical support that’s fast reliable and accessible. An improperly designed website could also slow down the loading time.


There is really no point of having a website if it is not visited. If there is not enough traffic drawn to the site, then that means there is no effective marketing campaign set up to make your website recognized. An effective marketing strategy includes a stable and well-implemented search engine optimization system that will make sure that that major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN) will index your website and will let your page come out when someone type in the relevant keywords. You will also need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service to target profitable keywords.


You want to edit some information or feature in your website but none of your employees actually know how to use the tools. What is even worse, you do not have the administrative access to the tools required to change the look and information of your web pages. In this scenario, often the best advice is to be proactive.  In other words, go ahead and pre-purchase maintenance on your website. Often, a pre-purchase of roughly 12 hours of maintenance in the beginning will suffice, because this allows sufficient time for proper training. 


Complications must be examined through its roots. It all goes back to how the website was designed and who designed it. A good web development solution is a complete one with a good backbone. An excellent web maintenance and support provided by Boston Web Design Firm should also meet small business’ budget demands.

Like fighting a disease, the best way to prevent major complications and problems from occurring, is to be proactive.  Find an affordable yet reputable small business web design firm right away to ensure that problems can be taken care of effectively when they arise. With a great foundation and a great support team, there is no reason why your website cannot bypass the major headaches associated with website operation.