Tell Your Story With Videos On Your Business Website

Posted by Winning Web Design on June 13, 2010 | No Comments

Our all-new video tools with rich media feature ensures that businesses in every industry can capitalize on the Internet’s hottest trend. Your success online and your customer satisfaction with our web solution is directly linked our success. We’re providing this quick rundown of online video fundamentals to share some import tips to generate even greater interest in your product or service from online visitors to your small business website.

First, as a small business website owner, you should determine what you hope to accomplish with the video. You can use videos in a few ways that will help you achieve the business objectives. In most cases, your aim is to increase earnings, you can usevideos to sell products. That being the case… the video should tell the product’s story! That’s what Invodo’s Joel Harvey told viewers in a recent Practical eCommerce Webinar. The product should be the primary focus. Do not let any other element of the video steal the show.

Also, you should create videos that set the right tone. Harvey says videos should be informal, but they shouldn’t compromise credibility or professionalism in doing so! Additionally, small business website owners should use videos to provide the same level of customer service that they would in a brick-and-mortar location. As such, Harvey suggests creating videos that predict and answer questions. If certain questions are commonly asked about a product, the video is the perfect vehicle to provide detailed answers.

Lastly, site owners should think carefully about video placement. According to Harvey, a simple page design will ensure better odds of the video’s success, and the video should be located near the top of the web page. Try to avoid cluttering your web page with other media if you’re posting a video, and you should place the video in a prominent place on your website.

Video features may be intimidating to tackle in the beginning, but the more you use, the more at ease you’ll feel using these indispensable tools that are completely included with our Boston web design solution.