85% of 8Coupons.com Customers “Spend Their Dollars Within A Five Mile Radius Of Home”

Posted by Winning Web Design on July 15, 2010 | 3 Comments

BizReport’s Kristina Knight analyzed a new 8Coupons.com study and found that 85% of its customers “spend their dollars within a five mile radius of home.” This shows online marketing on a local  level. Consumers are looking for businesses right in their own neighborhood, and using the Web to find them. Knight specifically mentions activities such as:

* Dining out
* Going to spas
* Visiting local bars
* Dropping off dry cleaning

Are you in any of these industries? A good small business web solution can help to draw local customers. From site promotion tools to e-newsletter campaigns, Winning Interactive web design solution is fully-included with all the features necessary to cultivate a base of local, loyal customers.


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  2. well written blog. Im glad that I could find more info on this. thanks

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