How To Develop Higher Quality Traffic To Your Local Small Business Website with Social Bookmarking

Posted by Winning Web Design on July 15, 2010 | 4 Comments

It’s certainly possible to find great traffic for your small business website¬†from social bookmarking websites. It’s perhaps not something that is appropriate for everyone’s business, though, so hold-off doing it until you educate yourself a little more, first. Bookmarking is time-consuming, unless you pay someone else to do it, so you’ll have to know if you have the time to invest in it. A local small business promotion marketing and business plan should be your first order of priority, so if you’re lacking either one of those then that’s your first action. When you have a plan, then you can decide where to put social bookmarking, if indeed you decide to do it at all. Perhaps you would like to read about a few good strategies for putting the power of social bookmarking in your business.

Your articles will fare much better if the first paragraph is a killer and gets and keeps attention.

That’s where your readers get a positive impression about you and decide to read further. Everything before that must be right, too, but after capturing the readers attention, the first paragraph is where decisions are made. Keep in mind that it has to be unique and should invoke the user’s interest.

People find content on bookmarking sites by reading their headlines, so if you want your bookmark to be seen and spread, then you should focus on creating catchy headlines. So of course it doesn’t really matter how great everything else is if your headline is bad. Same goes for your site, it can be fabulous but people just won’t get there because the headline makes them not bother to read more. You also do not want to put in all that time to network at these sites, and only have it all in vain because your headlines are sabotaging you. So, it is well worth your time to take your time and work on creating good headlines.

You’ll also need to pay attention to when you submit your content. There’s about a 24 hr window in which to make your content stick to the first page of these sites.

So you’ll want to submit when your market is online and there, it only makes sense. If your timing is off, then they could arrive after your bookmark has been covered by all the newer ones submitted after yours. So really, the best approach is to run tests by bookmarking to see when is the best time to submit.

Social bookmarking sites have been used for making people aware of your small business websites and getting targeted traffic. The most valuable component of your campaign is your article/site content. The more you focus on making it better, the higher response you will receive. There will be other factors that determine your success, but what kind of articles you are bookmarking and how well they serve your target audience is the most vital of them all. It will take some time to get everything down, but if you do then you can see steady and high quality traffic from these websites.

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