New Essential “Musts” For Every Small Business Website

Posted by Winning Web Design on July 15, 2010 | 1 Comment

President and CEO of Dotster Inc. Clint Page has a list of essential “musts” for every business to integrate into its website. Take a look at these strategies and discuss with your web designers how to accomplish each one.

Send personalized e-mail. “Every business today needs e-mail,” Page tells readers. With the comprehensive e-mail campaign tools available in Winning Interactive Web solution, it’s easy for businesses to quickly send targeted e-mails to their customers. Page says this is a more credible method than sending e-mails from a free e-mail service site. He writes, “…you can easily increase your perceived professionalism by using a custom e-mail address at your own domain” .

“Design your site.” You’ve undoubtedly come across small business Web sites that were assembled without attention to layout or navigation. As a Business owner, you are busy and don’t have time to create an entire layout from scratch, and you may not have time to learn complicated programming languages. Luckily, our web design solution allows small businesses to choose from myriad layouts and fully customize your web site’s look and feel. And we even have a team of experienced Web designers on hand for clients who would prefer to have your site built for you. Either way, you will be delighted to see how effortless it is to establish a Web site that’s visually appealing and easy to navigate.

“Optimize your site for search engines.” This is a formidable task for any business that’s building an online presence from the ground up, but it’s a vital part of the process. Page explains, “Search engine optimization ensures that search engines correctly index your website, so that potential customers searching for your type of services can find you easily…By optimizing your website for search engines, your site can appear higher in the organic listings, which will ultimately mean more traffic to your site.” Our small business website design solution includes valuable site promotion tools so that you can control your own optimization. And because it’s so easy to update and add content regularly, you will optimize your website even faster than you thought possible.

“Look for a Web hosting company that is focused on customer service.” According to Grant, “The company you choose should be able to help you build your web presence in the beginning and provide the technical support you need to maintain it.” That’s a perfect way to describe our Tech Support team. The specialized team that will guide you through every step of the site building and maintenance process.

The latest results from The E-Tailing Group’s annual merchant survey found that 59% of respondents plan to invest more in e-commerce in 2010 than they did last year. According to the research firm, “Merchants must now step up to the plate given the anticipated growth of e-commerce, coupled with retail economic forecasts. Keeping ROI top-of-mind, merchandising and marketing that embraces existing customers while simultaneously wooing prospects will be a pre-requisite for success.” More stats from their survey are listed below:

 92% said they anticipate 2010 Internet revenue to increase over last year’s online revenue.

52% will invest in personalization/customization. Think about features like wishlist capabilities available through your solution.

58% plan on social networking strategies. The social media widgets in our web design solution allow you to integrate your business website with your presence on social networks.

79% will be planning more targeted e-mail.

48% will adopt video strategies. Businesses can easily embed videos in their site to capitalize on this rapidly-emerging trend.

All the market research stats agree with the website marketing expert Clint Page’s essential list for small business websites. Check your current business website again the list above and work out a plan to improve its marketing effective today.

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