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Web Design and SEO Pricing

Professional Services. Affordable Prices

Results – that’s what we focus on. And that’s why lots of companies choose our SEO and web design services.

Many SEO companies charge you by hours (5 hours for $800, for example), by number of links, or by amount of flashy reports. We do not watch the clock, we watch the ranking. We do not count the links, we count the return on your investment. We do, however, make some basic useful reports, but we spend most of our time on the most important mission: getting results.

We want you to rank well, and get more business. Then we will have more referrals and more long-term clients. This is a win-win. Our success depends on your success. We take it very serious and work hard everyday to implement strategically optimized process for best ranking possible for you.

Same for web design. We do not charge by hours, because customers don’t pay for the amount we spend, but for the outcome of the website.

We do not have a large corporate overhead to pay to. We do not have a huge sales team. We can therefore pass some margin to our clients and offer best value SEO and web design packages at very reasonable price.

We do not hire interns and inexperienced personnel to do the work. Our best-in-industry SEO team will perform the actual hard work, monitor the process, find the balance, and adjust the strategy accordingly. Our professional web experts will work with you to create a website that works: be pleasant to look at and practical to bring more sales.

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