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3 Powerful Tips for Better Conversion Rates

There are a lot of pitfalls and mistakes that cause business failure online as well as off, and the resultant of all those aspects is a poor conversion rate in the end. But it’s not always readily apparent as to the exact cause, and in most cases it’s a cumulative effect. But all is rarely lost, and practically any business can be turned around with the right information and focused action. So we do want to help, and we will talk about 3 specific techniques you can put to work in your business to get some relief.

There’s quite a dynamic involved with your visitors, and just one is that they need to feel pretty good about ordering from you. You must do certain things to remove all doubts about whether or not it’s safe to order from you. One effective method to accomplish that task is to offer a solid and impressive guarantee with the order. Chances are a great guarntee will not tip the scales in your favor; however it most certainly will get their attention and will contribute to success. All things considered, if you offer a long guarantee period, most if not all will not refund because they tend to forget about it. We don’t see too many lifetime guarantees, but we do see quite a few for a year or more. Just be really sure that you are confident about your product; in other words, it must be good and provide real value to the customer. Always solicit as many opinions as possible on any new website you create. Ask them what they think about the design, first impressions, the navigation and so on. It’s always a little tricky getting feedback because a lot of things can influence what is said, but still try asking your website visitors and potential customers. Even if this delays your launch for a while, don’t worry because ultimately you want your site to have the most conversions. Besides that, you’ll always get new ideas coming in from your potential customer, which will allow you to think out of the box and give you a better understanding of how to approach your target market better.

Restate your offer in your order form and also state the guarantee once again. There are many times when the prospect simply abandons at the last moment due to a feeling of being unsure. Try as much as possible to avoid such a situation by reassuring them of the offer and by taking the risk off their shoulders.

You can become a good enough copywriter with learning and experience, and always test your copy no matter what.

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