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Are Pay To Click Programs Really Worth Your Time And Efforts?

One of the leading online marketing fads that currently attracts numerous beginners is to start with Pay-to-Click Sites (PTC). That is exactly what I set out to do. First, let me discuss what PTC sites are. A Pay-to-Click web site is a web site where you are paid some money for clicking on and viewing an advert for a determined amount of time (normally half a minute). Each time you view a whole advert (they usually last approximately half a minute), a small amount of money is put into your PTC account, which can only be taken out when you’ve collected a determined amount, oftentimes in the $5 range. There are several other aspects to PTC websites, such as referrals and special membership choices.

You can pay for referrals (or you can ask them to register), and you get around half of the cash they make from clicking ads. Thus, if whenever you click an advertisement you make $0.01, you’ll make half a cent whenever one of your referrals does the same. It doesn’t appears like much but it can add up if you get thousands of folks joining under you. Usually you’ll be given additional options that let you and your referred members to watch additional ads, generate more cash per click and get additional referrals. These additional membership offers could be costly, but many will let you generate more cash over time.

To illustrate how this works, let’s say you sign up with a PTC program that displays up to four ads. You then find 1,000 folks to register using your referral link. You make $0.01 for every click, as do your referrals. That’s $40, if you and all your referrals click on all four advertisements. Appears pretty great, right? That would be a nice amount to get each day, doesn’t it?

The reality is, nearly all pay to click sites are nothing but frauds. They are basically pyramid schemes. They are called “pyramids” because just the folks at or near the top generate any money, while people who are lower the pyramid typically end up getting nada. To illustrate, if 10 folks each invest ten bucks, that sums up to $100. The schemes leader may return $15 to 4 people in his down line, leaving the rest of the members out in the cold. How is this possible? Simple. First, they entice you into signing up as a member and buying a few referrals (usually bots, not even humans). They then pay us with cash that other members have paid in for their memberships and referrals. The cash earned by clicking on ads in no way covers their expenditures, particularly when some of the so-called “referrals” are nothing but bots. Shortly, folks cease signing up, and the later arrivals to the plan are hung out to dry. If you’re among the first people, you could generate some money but it’s not worth the risk.

I recommend you do not get involved with Pay-to-Click programs. The only way you will be able to generate even a good amount of money is to be the head scammer or one of his buddies. All other people who join suffers. I not keen about the odds . . . or the karma.

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