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How to Drive Visitors to Your Websites

Ordinarily, the last thing folks think about when starting an online business is how to start driving people to go to their sites. You may have a terrific product, a professionally designed web site and an auto-responder all set up but with no visitors you’re dead in the water. We are going to go over a few ways that you can use to start generating traffic to your sites.

First things first, there are many programs online nowadays that will promise you free traffic and while a number of these traffic methods is fantastic, some are awful.

As one example, we are going to take a look at traffic exchanges. Traffic exchanges are both terrific and awful, depending on if you know how to use them. Trying to sell something in exchanges is a complete waste of time, if you have been using traffic exchanges to sell something, that is your first slip. You must use these exchanges to build downlines in your free traffic programs and they are a superb way to grow a list. Still, they are a terrible way to try and make money directly. Those who are using these traffic exchanges are not there to pay for something, they want traffic the same as you. Hence, when you can offer these people another way to get free traffic, they will likely join under you, increasing your downline.

Moreover, don’t forget list building, that is the best way to get the most out of traffic exchanges. All you really need to do is to promote a page that gives away a traffic report or e-book that these people will find priceless, and to get it all they have to do is provide their name and email address. As a lot of people will tell you, you must have your own mailing list if you wish to be successful and this is a fantastic way to do that.

Search engines are difficult to obtain traffic from but it can be achieved. Search engine traffic is one of the best methods to obtain traffic to your web site, the reason is because when a search engine sends you traffic it is people who have looked for something you are promoting. Building backlinks will be the main key for getting top search engine ranking and hence traffic from the search engines. This is virtually similar to a voting system, every backlink you build will count as one vote. Thus, the higher the number backlinks you have the higher in the rankings your site will appear for your targeted keywords.

There are a few ways of building backlinks for your site. One way you can start building link backs to your site is by taking your web site’s URL and submitting it to directories. There are thousands of directories online that will let you submit your site free of charge. Despite the fact that it is a little time consuming, it is a fantastic place to start.

The next way to build backlinks is by posting in online forums and on blogs. This is a free way to obtain as many links as you need to, and even though these specific links do not hold as much weight in the search engines as other types of links, it’s free and easy.

Article marketing would be one more method to get these links, and each link built through article marketing will be a good quality link. This is where you create articles about the subject of your site and leave a link pointing back to your site either in the article or in the article resource box.

Once you take care of these traffic strategies, you can start searching for other ways to get traffic. Don’t forget, traffic will be the key to your online success.

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