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Finding Interesting Ideas for Your Blog Posts

Creating a blog these days is easy, but maintaining it can be a hard thing to do. This article is created to help you come up with fresh topics for your blog, so that you will never run out of ideas when you want to add content to your blog.

You can get lots of ideas for your blog posts from an easy to use tool, namely Google Alerts. Choose about twenty keywords connected to your niche and set up an alert so you receive an email every time the keyword in question is mentioned. Once the alerts start coming in, check the headlines and keep the links that you think might have future use. If you get a number of articles that deal with a similar topic, then you can be pretty sure that the topic is worth tackling.

Another strategy is to post a debate between you and someone who has radically different views from yours.

The input you and your guest provide will be fresh content that could create a highly valuable blog post people will be curious to read. Everyone likes a conflict, so why not take advantage of that? It doesn’t need to become a heated conversation as it can simply be in-depth. You solve your problem of a new blog post, no matter what happens.

A different approach is to conduct a competition to get your audience to be even more interested in offering you ideas. This is a great way to get your readers involved and have them give their input. They can fill in their answers in a blank area you provide and you can even consider giving out a small gift to the person with the best idea. This way you can compile a pretty long list of ideas you can use. Don’t forget that your readers can be a valuable asset in finding good ideas for your posts.

All in all, this article talks about how getting unique content involves thinking outside of the box. Every method applied is the result of someone having a different idea. As you go along, you’ll find many more ways to come up with distinct blog posts that get read.

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