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How to Make On Page SEO Work for You

SEO is definitely not for everybody because of the demands it places on a business or individual person. The specific on-page SEO considerations are few but very important for many reasons, and we will share some helpful insights with you on this subject.

Keywords are important for you to understand how to use and find if you want success in SEO on-page results. Everything that SEO does is centered around the keywords and phrases you use since this is how people search for information. The keywords that you choose to go for, should be included in your URL or your website address, because major search engines like Google give high value to URLs that have the main keyword in them, which makes it easy for you to get ranked. The ideal situation is to also have your keyword be your domain name there’s nothing better. If you are able to grab such a valuable domain name, then having only a few backlinks can do the trick. Make the keyword the FIRST word of the domain name to increase your ranking with search engine results. How fast your site loads is important for SEO considerations, so avoid making heavy page files. You will not create a positive impression if your site is slow to load or even hangs-up. The recommended size is usually 40K; in a way, the smaller your page is, the better response you will get, from both, the search engines and as well as your visitors. It’s always better to have smaller pages because they don’t take up much space, provide targeted information and are easier to get ranked. In the event you have large page files, then see if you can optimize them as well as optimize your images.

The issue of hyphens in domain names is always debated, but you can find high ranking sites that do have them. The important thing is to do what you feel is best, and if that means getting a hyphenated URL – then do it. Too many hyphens may hurt the credibility of your site and your business in the eyes of visitors. Obviously, the role on-page SEO plays in having your website ranked is important and always has been so do not neglect it. You want to have as much going for your site as possible, and that is why you must do your on page SEO.

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