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SEO Tactics That Work

Google is trying very hard to eliminate sites that do not provide good value, so once again they want you to create excellent content. The purpose of this article is to show you how on-page SEO plays a major role in helping you get your website ranked for your primary keywords.

Your best bet for achieving high search engine rankings is produce a lot of content, pages, for your site. Yes, Google just loves large authority sites because they, hopefully, give a good product to their customers. If you have the willingness to do the work, then you can easily produce these kinds of authority sites.

You can search for and find tons of high ranking authority sites, and they by nature tend to have the right kind of on-page factors. How old your site, or domain name, is will play a role in your overall rankings. The typical scenario is a site that has been around longer will have much more in place and can easily rank higher than a newer site for the same keywords. One thing lots of people do is acquire a domain name that is older.

Another important aspect of on-page SEO is using your main keyword phrase in the H1 tag, at a minimum. Be sure to do this only because the overall cumulative effect will help you to rank higher. But just bear in mind it all matters, and since the public does not know how important each thing is then just do it. Other than the H1 tag, any headline tags you use on a page will have related but minor keywords. You can quickly get this done and move on to the next thing you need to do. There is another important consideration which has to do with where you use any keywords.

Last but not least, don’t discount the importance of metatags, be sure to utilize descriptions of your webpage including woven keywords throughout it. You really only need about 200 words to describe your pages content. Having a short description may increase the traffic you receive from search engines because as they see your website they’re looking for search results they’ll already know what they’re going to see. As a result of this you will see an increase in your click through rate.

You may already know that this is just the start of what is needed for effective on-site search engine optimization. You can manage to get your site, or pages, to the top of page one, but it does take time and effort.

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