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The Key Reason Why Your Audience Is More Crucial Than SEO

The mysteriousness of web optimization hasn’t gotten much better and SEO has existed for years! Some people understand it thoroughly and use that knowledge to elevate the results of the businesses they own. So it truly is not surprising to see so many people approaching SEO from diverse angles. A very common approach is to write content and articles with SEO in mind to increase a page’s ranking in the search engines. There is the concept of writing SEO articles, or articles created for the search engine crawlers. At the time of this writing, in 2011, that approach should be all but extinct yet it is not for very many people.

Google has reported over and over again that your content needs to be aimed at humans not search engine spiders and has now even invented a new algorithm to encourage people to do this. Whenever someone comes to your site it is almost always because they are looking for something. They don’t really want articles that are stuffed with keywords (otherwise known as SEO content). This distinction in approach often involves an absence of proper information and a change in perspective. If you write just for your target audience, you’ll start to see a lot of positive things happen to your site, like a increase in the ratings.

Try to keep in mind that Google focuses on the length of time a person stays on your website. This is called your “bounce rate” and this tells the internet search engine a lot about your online site. If site visitors are only on the site for a moment and then leave, Google will figure out that your site isn’t relevant or targeted for that keyword. You don’t want this to occur. Simultaneously, Google is prone to give you a excellent SEO rating if people are spending considerable time on your pages. All of it ties in collectively at some level.

Your proficiency to successfully write for the audience, and give them what they need, is rooted in solid market research. The only way to do that well is to study all you can about your target audience and market and then give them what they want. When you’ve got the right demographics, you will subsequently be able to better deduce the problems they have. If you take some time to visit forums that your target market spends time in, you can get a good handle on their problems. This puts you in the best position to write about their individual cares and desires.

This degree of research-based writing also can lend something great to your information. Your content will have relevance, and Google will be able to detect that with their smart algorithm. Google’s algorithms can read your text to figure out how relevant it is to your subject. The best way to have that quality of writing is to be well informed about your topic. Add that with the bounce rate and Google can easily tell whether or not your site content happens to be relevant.

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