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Who Your Site Links To Matters

If you’d like to get top search engine ranking your website will be evaluated on many different aspects. More than likely you already know that you need to have your website targeted with certain keywords. One more thing most of you are mindful of is that you have to have a lot of links pointing back to your website from other sites. In this article we are going to be discussing why who you link to will also make a difference for your search engine rankings and also pagerank.

Although no one understands exactly how Google’s algorithm works there are a handful of things that are known. Who you link to is amongst the items that will make a difference on how well your site ranks in the search engine results pages. Linking to selected web pages that Google considers a bad site is something that is not going to help you rank your site well. Google sends crawlers to web pages all the time when they realize that you’ve got a link pointing to a site that they consider is a undesirable site they may think that your site is endorsing that site. This will definitely hurt your page ranking and your search engine location, that is if Google does not choose to ban your site just for linking to a site that they have already banned.

Needless to say the opposite will be also true. I’ve in fact tested this theory out frequently on many of my sites. Every time I added a good link to an Internet site that Google likes, I found that in a short amount of time my web page would receive better rankings. There was no fixed boost, as some sites would move only a couple of placements while other sites would jump pages at one time.

One way I would accomplish this would be to add a You Tube video to my website. By doing this not only are you setting up a link to You Tube a website that Google owns, but you are in addition adding video to your content which Google in addition loves. Another thing you can certainly do is to just add a direct link right back to Google’s website. Using these little techniques you might find that your search engine positioning may rise in about a week or so.

But please don’t forget you’ll not want to link to poor sites. Every once in awhile you will receive emails from websites wanting to trade links, before you agree you will really want to determine whether that Internet site is even found in Google. If you find that Google does not have them indexed it could be for the reason that they have banned that website. This doesn’t necessarily indicate that the website was banned it might just be that it’s a fairly new site and Google has not indexed this website in their results yet. If the site is not listed for any reason, you will understand that even if you do trade links with that site it will not be doing you any good as Google will not realize that they have a link directing to your site.

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