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Web Site Features

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Why Are Our Web Sites Better?

We Can Get Your Business Online Fast and Affordably

Most web developers keep you waiting for months before you can even look at your new site, but with our powerful web site construction technology, we can have your new, feature-rich site up and running in short amount of time within your budget! You’ll have access to all of the cutting-edge tools in our dynamic software so that you can make an informed decision about establishing your online presence.

Professional Layout and Design

Our web designers and marketing experts have spent countless hours researching successful sites on the Internet in order to develop the most effective, professional web site layouts and designs possible. If you ever want to change the look or feel of your site, you can quickly and easily make changes to your site. Our team of technical support professionals will even help.

Unlimited Site Modifications

With our web site management platform, you control every aspect of your online presence - without learning a programming language or relying on an expensive web professional. Our user-friendly software gives you the power to easily modify all of the text, images, colors, backgrounds, and components on your web site as often as you want.

No Lengthy Contract Commitment

Unlike other solutions that make you commit to a lengthy web site contract (with steep cancellation penalties), we give you the freedom to cancel at any time without any hidden fees. We’re so confident that you’ll be impressed with our web site management platform and our excellent customer service that we are willing to earn your business month after month.

Automatic Software Upgrades

Our team of software developers is constantly adding new tools and features to our unique web site building platform! As one of our web site customers, you will always be one of the first on the Internet to access these powerful, cutting-edge tools at no additional cost.

10 Gigabytes of Storage Space

Each one of our web sites boasts a massive 10GB of disk space - more than enough space to hold thousands of images and volumes of text. Most web sites only use 20-30MB of space, so chances are you’ll only use a small fraction of the storage space you have. But as your business grows and becomes more successful, you can be confident that your web site will be able to adapt to meet your changing needs.

What other features do we have?

Email Accounts

  • Rich HTML text formatting and editing tools
  • Plain text composition option
  • Built-in spell check feature
  • Account customization tools
  • Address book, calendar, and day planner
  • Search tool for browsing through email
  • Spam Assassin filtering to minimize unsolicited email

POP3 Email Access

Talk about useful! Access your email accounts directly through such favored POP3 email clients as Outlook, Thunderbird and Eudora. With this tool you will have more extensive email capabilities, as well as easier access to your messages.

WebMail Email Access

The sleek, user-friendly interface features many extra tools that you will not find with most standard email accounts.

Domain Name Registration

Securing your domain name is one of the most important steps in setting up your online business, and with our domain name tool, the registration process is quick and easy. Our system allows you to check on the availability of multiple .com, .net and other domain names at the same time, and if you already have an existing domain name, you can transfer it to point to your site.

Site Promotion Tool

No matter how impressive your web site is, it’s not doing you any good if customers can’t find you online. With the Site Promotion Tool, we’ll help you increase your visibility on the World Wide web by guiding you through the entire optimization and submission process—from choosing page keywords and descriptions, to submitting your site to several of the major search engines. We also provide you with tips on optimizing your site to improve your chances of ranking well with search engines.

Contact Management Tool

This useful feature allows you to organize and manage contact information for all of your customers, suppliers, and business associates. Once you have built up your customer database, you will be able to create and sent email newsletters announcing new product releases, upcoming sales, or any other special events and promotions.

Web Site Usage Statistics

As a business owner, it is important to evaluate how well your sales and marketing promotions are working, and we understand that your online business is no different. Inside the administrative section of your web site, you’ll be able to access a variety of statistical tracking reports, such as: which search engines are generating the most traffic for your site, which keywords are resulting in the greatest number of hits, how many hits your site has received, where most of your hits are coming from, and which pages visitors looked at while on your site. Without usage data like this, you’ll have a difficult time making informed decisions about the effectiveness of your online sales and marketing efforts.

Integrated Map and Driving Directions

Whenever a new local customer finds your business online, one of the first things they'll want to know is "Where are you located?" Now your customers will be able to use the integrated map feature on your web site to view a map displaying your exact location, or if they're unfamiliar with the area, your customers can enter their address and receive detailed instructions that will guide them right to your business.

What about E-Commerce?

E-Commerce Tools

Your new web site provides you with access to all of the components necessary to help you start making money online: merchant account access, a fully customizable product catalog, a virtual shopping cart, advanced pricing features, shipping, handling and tax rules, payment options, and order processing features.

Customizable Product Catalog

Every site includes tools that give you the ability to create an extensive online catalog capable of displaying thousands products. More than just a listing of products, your online catalog offers a wide range of extra features: multi-image support, product categories and descriptions, price rules and discounts, tax rules and more.

Multiple Billing Options

Our versatile e-commerce system is designed to give you a variety of options for processing online orders. You can process credit cards online in real time, and have orders automatically sent to you by email. Regardless of which payment and billing options you enable on your web site, you can be confident that all of your transactions are safe and secure on our SSL-encrypted network.

Add Unlimited Web Pages Using Our Editing Tools

Rich Text Editor

Easily update, edit and add text to your web site without losing your formatting. You can also easily change text size, color and font style.

WYSIWYG Web Site Editing Tools

The WYSIWYG Editor is a powerful interface tool that allows you to edit your web site on screen in a view that closely resembles what the published page will look like on the site. The WYSIWYG Editor uses a simple point-and-click system: click on any section of the web page to access menus for inserting, deleting, or editing text, images, or any other component on your site.

What about Support and Hosting?

Live Technical Support

If you ever have any questions about using any of the tools or features in you new web site, our professional, courteous Customer Care representatives will be ready and waiting to assist you! Contact us as often as you want — it’s all part of the value-added service included with your monthly hosting/service fee.

Live Remote Access Support

This amazing tool gives our Customer Care representatives the ability to remotely share your mouse and keyboard for quick and easy service. The Remote Access feature creates a direct link between your computer and a Customer Care representative’s computer in our support center so that you can watch them perform each step on your screen in real time. Even though our Customer Care reps will be able to control your computer from a remote location, you will always have the power to override the rep and resume control of your computer at any time simply by moving your mouse or pausing the session.

Ultra-Secure Server Facility

Your web site will be hosted on our tiered, high-performance Dell PowerEdge servers powered by Intel Xeon processing technology. Our servers are located at special, secure facilities that protect them from fires, floods, earthquakes, power outages, and any other types of disasters. The secure facility boasts the following:

  • Remotely-monitored video surveillance safeguards our data center and its perimeter 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Hand scanning sensors authorize our data center’s clearance by means of biometric recognition.
  • Our server racks are reinforced against seismic anomalies with scientifically exact bracing that adjoins both the server racks and the caging environment to a below-floor channel.
  • Our data center runs on clean power conditioned by an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). The UPS provides immunity to energy spikes and surges experienced by the public sector. Backup generators guarantee an alternate power source, providing indefinite hours of additional uptime in the event of a system failure.
  • Multiple HVAC units supplement principal cooling systems for consistent temperature control and maximum airflow.
  • A preferred alternative to conventional fire suppression methods, together with intelligent early detection and backup suppression methods, prevents unnecessary equipment damage and incidental loss of uptime.
  • Internet operations are simultaneously monitored 24 x 7.
  • Our data centers security monitoring and incident management are controlled by on-premises security officers 24 x 7.
  • Alarms are monitored 24 x 7 for rapid incident resolution.
  • Electronic motion sensors detect and react to movement around the perimeter of the data centers and within its interior.

Dual-Layer Firewall Protection

Our network is protected by a dual-layer firewall security system utilizing Cisco PIX Firewalls, making it virtually impossible for hackers or unauthorized users to compromise the integrity of your web site.

Unlimited Traffic

As your online business grows and becomes more successful, your web site needs to be able to handle the increased traffic—without increasing your monthly hosting costs. Many hosting providers set limits on the number of hits your site is able to receive, but with our hosting service, you can be confident that your site can handle all of the increased traffic, no matter how popular your web site becomes!

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